NEB Interactive Pipeline Map

The National Energy Board recently launched an online map tool that allows users to view the location, routing, and substance contained in pipelines under NEB jurisdiction (learn more about pipeline jurisdiction and more by “Understanding the System“). The online map also includes incident reports and related information as an optional layer of data showing company, incident type, year and scale of the event.

“Canada’s vast network of pipelines transport millions of litres of oil and gas under our feet every day. In 2016, pipelines regulated by the NEB safely moved over a billion barrels of liquid products alone. This map shows the location of these pipelines.”

View the interactive map.

Fund for Non-Payment of Rent by Terra Energy Corp.

A fund has been established from the Court approved sale of some of Terra Energy’s BC assets. Some assets have been sold to Crew Energy and Pavilion Energy. The Surface Rights Board tells us that Crew and Pavilion will pay the back rent related to leases that they have bought.

To assist landowners with leases which were NOT bought by Crew and Pavilion, a fund has been created, and is held by the Ministry of Natural Gas Development on behalf of the Surface Rights Board.

Landowners may make a claim for unpaid rent for surface leases to the fund. The fund is limited and will be paid out on a first come first serve basis. 

February 22, 2017 Update: The Surface Rights Board has confirmed that there is still some money in the fund, though it is not clear how much longer it will last. Landowners that submitted a claim to the fund last year may re-apply to the fund when the annual rent becomes due this year. To do so, landowners would complete a new Form 1F, but need not send the supporting documentation which is already on file with the Surface Rights Board.

Ministry of Environment Air Quality Fact Sheets

Ministry of Environment Air Quality Fact Sheets

Air Quality Fact Sheets

  • Fact Sheet 1: The Northeast Air Quality Monitoring Project
  • Fact Sheet 2: Air Quality Objectives in BC
  • Fact Sheet 3: Air Quality in the Peace Region
  • Fact Sheet 4: Air Quality Monitors
  • Fact Sheet 5: Emissions Sources and Regulations

Bonavista Energy Must Truck Water To Family Farm, Alberta Regulator Orders

An Alberta energy company has been ordered to truck water to a family dairy farm where groundwater has been contaminated by chemicals from a nearby gas plant. Read more…


2015 Petroleum and Natural Gas Act Report by Rachelle Tink

Rachelle Tink, UBC student in the Bachelor of Business in Real Estate Program, and Appraisal Institute of Canada candidate, works at Aspen Grove Property Services as an appraiser during summer breaks.  Rachelle prepared an assignment for a Technical Writing course, which we think is an interesting and informative read for land owners in the Peace Country.

2015 Petroleum and Natural Gas Act Report – Rachelle Tink

Enjoy the article, and be sure to contact the Farmers’ Advocacy Office at 250-782-1233 with any of your surface lease or right of way questions.