compensation seismic activities

understanding compensation as it relates to

seismic activities

Basic compensation for seismic activities are typically based on a sum for disturbance, along with separate rates for Source Lines and Receiving Lines.

As well, you are entitled to compensation for any damage done to your property. This is addressed on a property by property basis.

Landowners have told us that rates being offered are low, and in some cases less than was being paid 10 years ago.

Before accepting the rate of compensation offered to you, it is in your best interest to talk to other land owners to find out what rates are being paid based on informed negotiation. Take your time, and do your research before signing.

Because there is the potential for disturbing water wells, it is prudent to have a baseline test of your water well before allowing seismic activities on your property.

If you have seismic compensation information you wish to share with the Farmers’ Advocacy Office and other landowners, contact us at 250-782-1233 or

Your property rights related to seismic activities form the basis for compensation.