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OGC Mandated Consultation & Notification Process


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Company’s land agent contacts landowner, provides development info (may include offer of compensation- see “Access & Compensation”). Research and understand your rights.

respond to notification

Respond to the company within 21 days. The OGC will consider landowner concerns until the date the permit is issued.  Issues raised at this point are subject to appeal.

21 calendar day window

permit issued

The OGC will receive written input from landowners and affected persons up until they issue a permit to the company.

appeal permit

Landowners have 15 days from the moment the OGC makes a decision, to appeal that decision to the Oil & Gas Appeal Tribunal (OGAT)

15 calendar day window

Oil & Gas Appeal Tribunal decision

The Oil & Gas Appeal Tribunal (OGAT) will hear arguments from landowner relating to issues raised before permit issuance, and decide on the case.

appeal OGAT decision

If landowner disagrees with the OGAT, they have 60 days to apply for a judicial review from the BC Supreme Court.

60 calendar day window

further appeals

Further appeals may be available through the BC Court of Appeal, and in some case the Supreme Court of Canada.


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