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access & compensation

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Company’s land agent contacts landowner, provides development info (may include offer of compensation- see “Access & Compensation”). Research and understand your rights.


The landowner negotiates with the company, either agreeing (ending process) or disagreeing. Do you understand your rights?

Surface Rights Board

Parties may reach agreement through Surface Rights Board (SRB) mediation, or the SRB will grant a Consent Order, allowing work to proceed during ongoing negotiations.

SRB – arbitration

If mediation and negotiation fail, the Surface Rights Board will arbitrate to determine compensation.

appeal SRB decision

If the landowner disagrees with the Surface Rights Board, they have 60 days to apply for a judicial review from the BC Supreme Court.

60 calendar day window

further appeals

Further appeals may be available through the BC Court of Appeal, and in some case the Supreme Court of Canada.


SRB reconsideration

As per the Petroleum & Natural Gas Act, Section 155, you may also apply to the SRB for a reconsideration. This may not stop activity.


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