what are your options?

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what are your options?


An introduction to how industry gains access to your land, and what steps you can take along the way to ensure fair dealings.

There are separate timelines featured here. Each one deals with a different aspect of the development process. Choose the one most relevant for your situation.



OGC Mandated Consultation & Notification Process

How industry secures permits to develop land, and how landowners are involved.

access & compensation

Wellsites, Flowlines & Facilities

Negotiations to determine access and compensation for wellsites, flowlines and facilities.

access & compensation

Provincial Pipelines

Negotiations to determine access and compensation for provincial pipelines.



permitting, access & compensation

National Energy Board Pipelines & Facilities

Permitting process and negotiations for compensation for pipelines and facilities under NEB (federal) jurisdiction.

no_entry-1access denied

What happens if you don’t want the company on your land at all? If a landowner physically or verbally denies access, the consequences can include:

  • The company may apply for an Order for Entry from the Surface Rights Board or the National Energy Board, if applicable, or may expropriate pursuant to provisions of the BC Expropriation Act.
  • If access is denied, the company may apply to the Court for a Writ of Possession.
  • Continued denial may lead to other measures up to and including incarceration.

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