seismic activities

know your property rights as they relate to

seismic activities

Seismic activities are also know as geophysical exploration. Such activity cannot take place on your land without your consent. This is clearly stated in Section 144 of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act, which states:

“144 A person may not enter, occupy or use land to carry out geophysical exploration unless the person has entered into an agreement with the owner of the land authorizing the entry, occupation or use.”

If you agree to allow seismic activity on your land you will need to consider its impact on your land, particularly on your water sources – whether well, spring or dug out. Before any geophysical exploration begins, you will enter into an agreement which includes identification of features of your property such as buildings, water sources, livestock containment, gates and fencing and commitments by the seismic operators concerning disturbance and clean-up. Although Alberta specific, there is useful information contained in the information sheet “Seismic Operations and Landowner Rights”.

For BC regulations see Oil and Gas Activities Act Geophysical Exploration Regulation, BC Reg. 280/2010.

Questions you may want to ask when negotiating an agreement for a seismic project:

  • What is the re source company name, contact person’s name, and phone number?
  • What is the company representative’s name and phone number.
  • Where exactly will the project line(s) be placed and where will access be?
  • What is the anticipated commencement date and the expected completion date?
  • Will water flow or sample tests be done on water wells before and after construction?
  • If a water well is impacted, what measures are the company prepared to take?
  • What are the cutline widths and methods?
  • Will a change in the proposed seismic line and access routes mitigate potential damage?
  • Will livestock, crops, buildings and/or fences be affected?
  • If a flowing hole becomes evident, what happens next?
  • Will a preliminary cleanup be done immediately following the project’s completion
  • When will reinspection and final clean-up be done?
  • What are the restoration plans?
  • How will the post-project damage be dealt with?