know your property rights as they relate to


With few exceptions, pipelines are under the jurisdiction of the National Energy Board (the federal regulator) if they cross provincial borders.  They are under the jurisdiction of the Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) if they are located entirely within BC.  Typically those pipelines under federal jurisdiction are gas transmission lines, or oil transportation lines, and typically pipelines under  provincial jurisdictions are pipelines or flow lines, although there could be transmission lines or transportation lines located in BC that are under OGC jurisdiction.  The diagram on Page 27 of this booklet provides some clarity.

For OGC regulated pipelines, we have created a downloadable Pipeline Information Package.

This information is current as at 2016. It incorporates legislation, regulation and information sheets from the OGC, which are all subject to change from time to time.

For sample conditions for entry for Pipelines, you may want to consider those listed in Appendix A, Notice of Decision No. 2011/0088, Alberta Surface Rights Board.