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The Farmers’ Advocacy Office has the primary goal of equipping land owners to deal in their own best interests in the negotiation of surface leases and rights of way associated with the oil and gas industry.

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before you sign a surface lease…

The Farmers’ Advocacy Office is finding that many surface leases do NOT comply with BC Law. Before signing surface lease documents, make sure the lease document complies with the Surface Lease Regulation B.C. Reg. 497/74.

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NEB Open Houses

NEB Open Houses

The National Energy Board’s BC Regional Office Open Houses were held in June 2018.

PRRD Renews FAO Contract to March 31, 2019

PRRD Renews FAO Contract to March 31, 2019

At the May 24 meeting of the Peace River Regional District Board, the board extended the contract to operate the Farmers’ Advocacy Office to March 31, 2019. To view video of the discussion, visit the May 24 Board Agenda and click on 10. Reports, and then click on the play button next to item R-11.

Presentation from Ministry, OGC and CAPP

Presentation from Ministry, OGC and CAPP

On May 24, the Peace River Regional District Board received a presentation from the Deputy Minister of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources, Dave Nikolejsin, BC Oil and Gas Commission Commissioner and CEO Paul Jeakins, and Chris Montgomery of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP.) The Board Meeting Video and OGC Presentation are online. (Video is available by clicking item “4. Delegations” and then clicking the play button beside item “4.2.”)

Unpaid Property Taxes on Oil and Gas Leases

Unpaid Property Taxes on Oil and Gas Leases

In 2017, the Surveyor of Taxes implemented a new process to notify the land owner when the property taxes related to an oil and gas lease remain unpaid. It is important to remember that any collection action to recover the tax arrears related to a lease would be against the oil and gas company, not the land owner.

Well site owners (petroleum companies) that lease a portion of a property from a landowner will receive the annual Rural Property Tax Notice and a monthly statement of account when the taxes remain unpaid.  

Landowners will not receive the Rural Tax Notice and statement of account because the well site company is responsible for paying the property tax. But, when the taxes remain unpaid, each year on January 5th a notification letter will be mailed out to the landowner.

Please see the attached sample letter, that some BC landowners will receive early in January.

Sample Information Letter Regarding Oil and Gas Property Taxes

NEB Interactive Pipeline Map

NEB Interactive Pipeline Map

The National Energy Board recently launched an online map tool that allows users to view the location, routing, and substance contained in pipelines under NEB jurisdiction (learn more about pipeline jurisdiction and more by “Understanding the System“). The online map also includes incident reports and related information as an optional layer of data showing company, incident type, year and scale of the event.

“Canada’s vast network of pipelines transport millions of litres of oil and gas under our feet every day. In 2016, pipelines regulated by the NEB safely moved over a billion barrels of liquid products alone. This map shows the location of these pipelines.”

View the interactive map.